Pakistani students graduating from KSA are Kingdom’s goodwill ambassadors

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Over 200 hundred Pakistani graduates, educated mostly in Shairah Law and Islamic teaching from Kingdom attending the forum in Islamabad on Mar. 16, 2018. (AN photo)
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Dr. Muhammad Ubaid Ullah completed his Phd in Islamic Jurisprudence from Umm Al-Qura University. (AN photo)
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Dr. Qasim Ashraf, a Pakistan educationist completed his doctorate in Faculty of Shariah and Law from Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh. (AN photo)
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KSA Embassy holds First Forum of Pakistani graduates from universities of Kingdom, in Islamabad on Mar. 16, 2018. (AN photo)
Updated 30 September 2018

Pakistani students graduating from KSA are Kingdom’s goodwill ambassadors

ISLAMABAD: The Saudi embassy on Friday night held the first forum of Pakistani graduates from the universities of Saudi Arabia.
The Kingdom has been offering scholarships for Pakistani students to complete their higher education at the varsities of KSA.
The grand hall of an upscale hotel in the Pakistani capital was jam-packed with more than 200 graduates, educated mostly in Shariah law and Islamic teaching.
Ali bin Mohammad Hosswai, cultural attaché at the Saudi embassy, while addressing the gathering, said he thought this was the first interactive session with students educated in the KSA but that it was just the beginning. “We will have many more in future,” he said.
Tamar Al-Abdullah, another diplomat dealing with cultural affairs at the embassy, told Arab News that “the Pakistani students had been traveling to the Kingdom over decades and completed their higher education in different universities in the KSA.
“The Kingdom provided them with scholarships besides free stay, travel and stipend, everything they needed.”
Dr. Qasim Ashraf, a Pakistan educationist in the Faculty of Shariah Law at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, completed his doctorate at Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, Riyadh.
“I stayed in the Kingdom from 1992 to 1998. It was a really good experience and I think these scholarships are very important for Pakistani students. There are fine universities in Kingdom for Shariah law, Islamic studies, and Arabic language,” he told Arab News.
“My PhD from the Kingdom played a key role in my educational career.”
Another attendee at the event, Dr. Muhammad Ubaid Ullah, told Arab News he was in the Kingdom on a scholarship program from 1982 to 1997.
“I completed my PhD in Islamic jurisprudence from Umm Al-Qura University,” he said. “The government and people of the Kingdom gave us and our families immense respect and provided us with the best educational facilities.”
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have enjoyed close and friendly relations for decades.
After defense cooperation, the states are now working to enhance business-to-business ties and cultural exchange.
“There are so many people, scholars, in Pakistan who completed their education in KSA. They are the ambassadors of the Kingdom in Pakistan,” said Ullah.
Participants at the event said that during their studies they acted as Pakistan’s cultural ambassadors in KSA.

Pakistan says in touch with 150,000 nationals in virus-hit Italy

Updated 21 March 2020

Pakistan says in touch with 150,000 nationals in virus-hit Italy

  • Says diplomatic mission in Italy is in touch with the nationals, 2,000 of whom are students
  • Italy has so far reported more than 3,400 deaths, including one Pakistani

ISLAMABAD: Italy is home to about 150,000 Pakistani nationals, concentrated mostly in the the country’s north — Lombardy region with Milan as its capital, the Foreign Office (FO) said on Thursday.

 “Our Embassy in Rome and Consulate General in Milan are in constant contact with the Pakistani community,” FO spokesman Aisha Farooqui, said in an official handout.
The statement comes at a time when the death toll in Italy from the deadly virus has surpassed that of China.
“The Embassy as well as Consulate General had set up 24/7 help lines to provide services and information to the Community at the start of the outbreak.” Farooqui said.

Pakistani diplomats are also coordinating with education institutes across Italy where nearly 2,000 students from the South Asian country are currently enrolled, the statement read.

The death of first Pakistani national, Imtiaz Ahmed, from the contagion was also reported in Italy on March 11. With a population of 60 million, the European country has so far reported more than 3,400 deaths.

According to media reports, a visiting Chinese Red Cross team slammed Italy for not taking the quarantine requirements seriously, making it difficult for health authorities in the country to limit the spread of the virus.

Given that China has reportedly managed the viral outbreak, Italy has seemingly emerged as COVID-19’s new global epicenter.

Meanwhile, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan jumped beyond 440 on Thursday after a sharp spike in numbers in Sindh and Balochistan.