Abraham Cooper and Johnnie Moore

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is the associate dean and director of the Global Social Action Agenda at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. 

Rev. Johnnie Moore is president of the Congress of Christian Leaders and founder of the KAIROS Company.

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Time for the US to show Khamenei how wrong he is

The term “paper tiger” derives from an old Chinese idiom and means a “blustering, harmless fellow.” It first gained global notoriety in 1956, when Chairman Mao Zedong labeled the US a paper tiger.

August 19, 2022

Biden team should be calling Iran’s bluff in Vienna

Despite COVID-19, we have managed to travel to the Middle East repeatedly over the last year. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Manama, Riyadh, Jerusalem and other places we heard variations of the same theme from the streets: Iran is deceiving the White House, again.

December 14, 2021