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It’s time to host WEF in Saudi Arabia

Something feels different at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, and not just the unseasonably mild weather in the Alpine ski resort of Davos. There was a distinct sense of something missing, many of the delegates agreed.

January 19, 2023

Merry Christmas from Arab News

As millions around the world celebrate the birth of Christ, we — at Arab News — take this opportunity to wish all our Christian readers, both in Saudi Arabia and abroad, a Merry Christmas.

December 24, 2022

How the World Cup cynics took their eye off the ball

And so the curtain falls on Qatar 2022, indisputably one of the most dramatic World Cups in football history — both on and off the pitch!

December 20, 2022

Kingdom’s US critics must have missed Zelensky’s thanks to Riyadh

No sooner had the OPEC+ oil producers’ alliance decided last week to reduce output in November by 2 million barrels per day, than a barrage of criticism from Washington was homing in on its target like a heat-seeking missile — and that target was, of course, Saudi Arabia.

October 08, 2022

Forget the trivia, here’s what really mattered in Jeddah

And so US President Joe Biden concludes his visit to Jeddah. As Air Force One took off and began to vanish over the horizon, so did long weeks of unprecedented speculation, cynicism and second guessing.

July 17, 2022

Biden’s Saudi visit is a return to the norm, not a ‘reorientation’

US President Biden Joe Biden arrives in Saudi Arabia this week at the invitation of King Salman. In Jeddah on Friday he will meet the king and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and attend an extraordinary meeting of the six GCC states plus Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

July 12, 2022