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Frank Kane is an award-winning business journalist based in Dubai. Twitter: @frankkanedubai

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Storm in a teacup – the last time I met Philip Green

“Come round for a cup of tea,” was the cordial invitation from Philip Green one cold January day in 2005. So off I trudged to the offices of Arcadia Group on London’s Oxford Street.

December 02, 2020

UAE leaving OPEC? A storm in an oil barrel

The oil world was abuzz at the end of last week on speculation that the UAE might be on the verge of pulling out of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

November 23, 2020

Saudi Aramco and China to bridge the climate gap

In the campaign to combat climate change, the biggest challenge is China. As the world’s most populous country and its biggest manufacturer, China’s indigenous energy resources are dominated by coal, the least environmentally friendly of the hydrocarbons.

November 13, 2020

Regardless of who is in the White House, oil markets want stability

What should the oil markets expect from a Joe Biden presidency? The question is simultaneously more complex, and far simpler, than it might appear on the surface.

November 08, 2020

Increasingly stark choices ahead on global stimulus packages

Just what was US President Donald Trump playing at? Not with regard to his unmasking appearance on the White House balcony — though this was certainly curious — but with his attitude to the next round of fiscal stimulus to the US economy.

October 08, 2020

Global cities are the future wealth creators 

Cities are wealth creators and wealth magnets. According to a recent survey for global city mayors, the world’s two biggest and richest metropolises — Tokyo and New York — generate more gross domestic product than 170 of the 183 nation states in the World Bank rankings of economic power.

September 30, 2020

Saudi Arabia’s summit victory is good news for energy transition

Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, the Saudi energy minister, has pulled off something of a coup in the delicate world of energy diplomacy with the communique from G20 colleagues issued early on Tuesday.

September 30, 2020