Kerry Boyd Anderson

"Kerry Boyd Anderson is a writer and political risk consultant with more than 18 years of experience as a professional analyst of international security issues and Middle East political and business risk. Her previous positions include deputy director for advisory with Oxford Analytica. Twitter: @KBAresearch"

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Washington braces for a government shutdown

Proving that fiscal policy is deeply political, the US Congress has only a few days left to reach a budgeting agreement or face a government shutdown on Oct. 1. Congress’ inability to pass any major budgets for the forthcoming fiscal year reflects deep divisions within the Republican Party.

September 20, 2023

Sanctions remain popular but their effectiveness is debatable

Last year, the US significantly increased the number of people and entities under sanctions. Sanctions serve as a politically popular tool that is applied with growing precision, but do they actually achieve their intended purpose?

September 12, 2023

How Washington views the war in Afghanistan two years on

Two years after the US and its allies withdrew from Afghanistan, partisan political views in Washington have hardened, while foreign policy experts are starting more comprehensive reviews of the entire war.

August 22, 2023

US president bets on ‘Bidenomics’ in reelection bid

This summer, US President Joe Biden and his advisers have started promoting “Bidenomics” as a key message in his reelection campaign. It is unclear if the concept will gain traction among voters; if it does, it presents both opportunity and risk for Biden.

August 15, 2023

Why Russia wants Syria’s Bab Al-Hawa crossing closed

The UN Security Council last week failed to reach an agreement to keep open the Bab Al-Hawa border crossing that allows international aid to reach northwest Syria. In addition to dire humanitarian consequences, the development also has geopolitical implications.

July 18, 2023

Global survey reveals that US soft power remains strong

A recent survey of 23 countries found that a majority of people polled had a favorable view of the US. This finding suggests that US soft power — non-coercive influence, such as cultural and economic appeal — remains strong.

July 14, 2023