Dr. Namat Abu Al-Soof

Dr. Namat Al-Soof is an Iraqi oil expert with long experience in upstream and market analysis. He held senior analyst positions at OPEC, IEF in Riyadh, and OPEC FUND for International Development. Currently, he is a consultant to a number of companies in the oil industry. 

Latest published

Confident economic recovery is pushing up oil demand

The dynamics of oil prices in October showed another high increase, with Brent prices crossing $85 a barrel and West Texas Intermediate tipping $84 a barrel. This rally was supported by expectations of high demand and a supply shortage.

October 31, 2021

Energy crisis, OPEC+ discipline push prices near highs

In mid-October, Brent reached three-year highs despite worrying import data from China, with traders choosing to focus on increasing oil demand elsewhere.

October 17, 2021

For now, oil market’s short-term outlook is positive

Last week, oil prices stayed neutral against the backdrop of the OPEC+ production policy announcement, and the ambiguous US statistics on crude inventories and its local output.

September 06, 2021