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John Defterios is CNN Business emerging markets editor and anchor based in Abu Dhabi. 

Twitter: @JDefteriosCNN

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From hydrocarbons to renewables: The future is a transition, not a switch

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter, but it is nevertheless embarking on its own energy transition.

As part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision plan, the country’s goal is to have 35 percent of its energy generated by renewables, with a heavy emphasis on solar power.

September 25, 2019

Frustration grows as an Asian Tiger loses its roar

It is known as the Han River Dynasty, a near six-decade run of blistering economic growth that made South Korea the 11th-largest economy in the world today. For the average citizen, it has meant from 1960 through 2018, per capita incomes rose 30-fold to over $30,000. 

June 09, 2019

Pipeline politics in Europe

The US and Russia, for decades Cold War adversaries, are now preparing for what appears to be a showdown over delivering natural gas to the EU. 

August 02, 2018