Naseem Javed

• Naseem Javed is chairman of Expothon Worldwide, a Canadian think tank

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Is the metaverse data curse in reality?

If small business can make mistakes, remember that big business routinely makes gigantic mistakes. History is packed with large-scale global impact failures, and the list is long.

January 08, 2022

What big surprises will the next 3,000 days bring?

The clock is ticking, 2030 is fast approaching, and a new world will unfold over the next 3,000 days. The most noticeable change will be the emergence of top 10 “consumer market” nations reflecting their national growth.

December 23, 2021

National mobilization of entrepreneurialism in Saudi Arabia

Around the world, economy now tops agendas and national mobilization of entrepreneurialism has become a No.1 priority.

December 03, 2021