Mark C. Donfried

Mark C. Donfried is director general at the Berlin-based Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

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How faith can fight extremism

During a recent trip to Washington, Mohammed Abdul Karim Al-Issa, secretary-general of the Muslim World League, made an amazing statement to a group of US counter-extremism officials: “The answer lies in the true values of Islam, which call for coexistence, tolerance and peace.” This is absolutel

March 03, 2018

How Saudi Arabia is building a new national brand

Recent decisions in Saudi Arabia with regard to good governance and tax reforms, women’s rights and new opportunities for its people, as well as the continued efforts of the Saudi government to tackle international terrorism, have been positively received both domestically and internationally and

January 13, 2018

New nation-branding plan needed for Arab world

It is crucial for the Arab world to put together a committee of the best experts and partners to create programs and initiatives that will promote Arab culture globally.

May 14, 2017