Mohammed Abu Dalhoum

Mohammed Abu Dalhoum is president of MENAACTION and a senior research analyst at NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions.

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What lessons does the Iranian uprising offer for the region?

In early November, the chief Iranian investigator in charge of interrogating youth detainees said that he had spent his entire life questioning political figures, but found the recent interrogations the most difficult because he was unable to understand the responses.

December 17, 2022

Can the Iran protests bring about regime change?

For the past five weeks, Iranian women and youth have been protesting against the regime, demanding freedom and intrinsic, fundamental change to the 43-year-old theocracy, in response to the death of Mahsa Amini following her arrest by the morality police.

October 26, 2022

Give the ‘children of conflict’ their seat at the table

In terms of numbers alone, the Arab world is unfortunately experiencing more conflicts than ever before, whether armed confrontations or financial crises. Many of the protracted armed conflicts in the region have entered their second decade or are deep into their first. 

June 04, 2022

How to counter the West’s refugee double standards

Perhaps the only positive in the midst of a grim Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the universal outpouring of support to the people of Ukraine. Neighboring countries opened their doors for refugees, who were treated with respect and dignity, which should ideally be the universal norm.

April 22, 2022

Democracy’s growing struggle in the Arab world

Tunisia’s President Kais Saied issued a set of decisions this month effectively extending the suspension of the nation’s parliament, which began in July, until the next legislative elections, scheduled for December next year.

December 29, 2021