Saudi Arabia marching toward new horizons

Saudi Arabia marching toward new horizons

Saudi Arabia marching toward new horizons
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Nearly 300 years ago, Imam Mohammed ibn Saud founded the first Saudi state with Ad Diriyah as its capital. As we commemorate the Saudi Founding Day, it is heartening to see the exceptional progress the Kingdom has made over the year to become a global economic powerhouse today with the largest economy in the Middle East.

As Saudi Arabia continues to advance its growth, diversification, and partnerships in line with Vision 2030, the Kingdom has been relentless in its approach to become successful, underpinned by strong, forward-looking leadership and the nation’s most valued asset, its people.

Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s youngest populations, with around 50 percent of its people falling under 25 — who are indeed the key to the Kingdom’s future progress.

Celebrating and appreciating the country’s rich history is key to guiding future generations in making resolute decisions. This will continue to drive the country’s progress further while remaining true to its culture and values. In this new economy – where innovative technologies drive the future – I am confident that our technology-savvy youth will continue to take the Kingdom to new heights. It is a testament to our ability as a nation to continuously adapt and reinvent ourselves.

With our strong presence in the country for over eight decades, GE is committed to serving as a partner for the Kingdom’s ambitions by supporting the economic diversification goals of the nation, including nurturing great local talent. And that talent will continue to take the Kingdom from strength to strength in a country that knows no bounds to success and progress.

• Hisham Al-Bahkali is the president of GE Saudi Arabia & Bahrain.

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