MIKTA nations determined to strengthen global order

MIKTA nations determined to strengthen global order

MIKTA nations determined to strengthen global order
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We, the ambassadors of Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia, are pleased to reintroduce MIKTA to the Saudi Arabian audience as a “partnership for progress” that is preparing to mark its ninth anniversary this year. As MIKTA countries, we represent the great diversity of the international community. We are geographically, culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse nations and are democracies that benefit from open economies with robust growth rates and a significant level of economic power.

During its relatively short history, MIKTA has demonstrated a common will and capability to contribute to strengthening global governance. Drawing on our strengths and our shared core values and similarities, we have established among ourselves an exemplary model of collaboration and consultation. Together, we have made active contributions in major international forums.

Our partnership is founded on the understanding that the scope of our shared interests transcends our diversity, and we share many interests with Saudi Arabia, also a G20 country, as well as the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The foreign ministers of Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia had their 21st meeting, hosted by Turkey as the chair, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, in July. They discussed global challenges including food security, migration and developments in Ukraine.

We recognize efforts by Saudi Arabia to address climate change through environmental remediation and tree planting, its designation of protected lands and marine areas through royal reserves, and the introduction of a circular carbon economy and green hydrogen projects at NEOM.

The war in Ukraine has underlined the importance of energy security and stability in energy markets. The current outlook requires even closer cooperation between producers and consumers, more diversification and the strengthening of energy security.

In this era of great complexity and rapid change, Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey and Australia share a deep, common interest in upholding an effective rules-based global order, underpinned by the UN and other key multilateral institutions. In their March meeting, our foreign ministers commended the success of the 2021 Seoul UN Peacekeeping Ministerial hosted by the Republic of Korea. They recognized the participation and the commitment of MIKTA members and reaffirmed their support for the pledges made at the ministerial to enhance the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping operations.

We also recognize the importance of humanitarian assistance to saving lives, alleviating suffering and maintaining human dignity during and in the aftermath of conflict, disasters and other humanitarian crises, as well as preventing and strengthening preparedness for the occurrence of such situations. As well as pledging support for peacekeeping operations, MIKTA countries are significant contributors of humanitarian funding and we recognize the importance of Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian contributions.

Our partnership is founded on the understanding that the scope of our shared interests transcends our diversity.

Anibal Gomez-Toledo, Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Joon-yong Park, Fatih Ulusoy and Mark Donovan

Each year, the MIKTA chair sets out the priorities for partnership during its term. Turkey’s chairmanship priorities in 2022 include global health, effective migration management and food security.

In view of COVID-19’s direct impact on our lives, societies and economies over the last two years and apparently years to come, MIKTA will keep global health at the top of its agenda in 2022. Our aim is to elaborate on areas of cooperation in potential future crises, including through the strengthening of health systems.

Besides, the world is currently experiencing one of the largest refugee flows since the Second World War. Only recently, millions fled their homes due to the war in Ukraine. As large movements of refugees remain a global concern, with humanitarian, political, social and economic consequences, there is a clear need to improve international cooperation to respond to humanitarian needs and the root causes of displacement, and to reduce the incidence and risks of irregular migration. With these thoughts, we will feature effective migration management as part of MIKTA’s activities throughout the year.

Last but not least, it would be safe to state that food security has become one of the most pressing issues on the international agenda following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, as both these countries are traditionally major global suppliers of grains and agricultural products. As a matter of fact, global food prices were already at record highs and had been a source of concern prior to the war. Nevertheless, further increases in fuel, fertilizer and food prices are complicating access to food for many across the globe.

There are worrying projections that the number of people suffering hunger and acute food insecurity will rapidly grow unless comprehensive measures are immediately taken. Under these circumstances, we believe that the Russia-Ukraine deal of July 22, brokered by the UN and Turkey to ensure safe transportation of grain and foodstuffs from Ukrainian ports, stands out as a substantial step forward to bringing relief and stability to global food markets. MIKTA countries will be holding continuous consultations, both at the technical and political levels, in order to contribute to the international efforts exerted in this regard.

As G20 members, we strongly support Indonesia’s G20 presidency in 2022 and its theme of “Recover Together, Recover Stronger.” We welcome Indonesia’s focus on concrete outcomes in global health, the digital transformation and sustainable energy transitions that will benefit all, especially developing countries. We also support the G20’s efforts, under Indonesia’s presidency, to address gaps and challenges in financing pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. We thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its successful hosting of the G20 in 2020.

MIKTA will continue to play an active role in the multilateral system to demonstrate our countries’ resolve to strengthen the global order and to address global challenges.

• Anibal Gomez-Toledo is ambassador of Mexico to Saudi Arabia.

• Abdul Aziz Ahmad is ambassador of Indonesia to Saudi Arabia.

• Joon-yong Park is ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Saudi Arabia.

• Fatih Ulusoy is ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Saudi Arabia.

• Mark Donovan is Ambassador of Australia to Saudi Arabia.

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