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Turkey seeks to upstage US with Syria ceasefire

By brokering with Russia a ceasefire agreement for Syria, Turkey is hoping to sideline the US at a time of rising tension and ensure Ankara has a say in its neighbor’s post-war future.

December 31, 2016

Turkey’s transformation

Turkey is heading to a referendum on granting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan new powers as early as next spring, ratcheting up tensions amid a crackdown on dissent and pro-Kurdish politicians, analysts say.

November 15, 2016

A Turkish-Russian rapprochement

Sometimes even good friends can have a bad falling out.

August 09, 2016

Historic foes facing jittery future

Turkey's downing of a Russian war plane on the Syrian border risks inflicting significant damage on relations between Moscow and Ankara, even if they both have an interest in avoiding a permanent rupture.

November 27, 2015

Turkey at a crossroads

Less than five months after the last legislative elections, Turks on Nov. 1 will vote again in one of the biggest gambles of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political career.

September 02, 2015

Will Erdogan’s charisma hold on June 7?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing an increasingly active role in Turkey’s legislative election campaign as the ruling party faces its biggest ballot box challenge since it came to power.

May 29, 2015

Obama’s Putin snub marks new low in US-Russia relations

US President Barack Obama’s cancellation of a summit with Vladimir Putin represents a new low in US-Russia relations, which have been eroded not just by the row over US leaker Edward Snowden but a litany of other headaches.

August 09, 2013

Origins of US blast suspects expose Russia’s Caucasus woes

Their grandparents were deported by Stalin’s police in the mass expulsion of Chechens in World War II. Their parents went to the United States from Dagestan in search of a better life. And they became adherents of radical Islam.

April 23, 2013

Enigmatic Berezovsky takes secrets to grave

Enigmatic in death as in life, Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky has left a swirl of mystery after his passing, including a letter reportedly begging President Vladimir Putin for forgiveness.

March 26, 2013

Russia prepares for post-Assad Syria

Russia is finally acknowledging that President Bashar Assad’s rule may be nearing its end, indicating that the Kremlin is preparing for a Syria without the dynastic regime that has been a Moscow ally for over four decades.

December 29, 2012