Maria Maalouf

Maria Maalouf is a Lebanese journalist, broadcaster, publisher, and writer. She holds an MA in Political Sociology from the University of Lyon. Twitter: @bilarakib

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How the Turkish incursion is causing chaos

Turkiye launched airstrikes against targets in northern and eastern Syria on Nov. 19. The bombardment by warplanes, drones and artillery killed many civilians and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the leading partner of the US in the multilateral anti-Daesh coalition.

December 17, 2022

Where the US midterm battle lines have been drawn

As the date approaches for the US midterm elections for Congress — in which all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and a third of Senate seats are up for grabs, in addition to 39 state gubernatorial votes — the battles between Republican and Democratic candidates are getting fiercer.

November 06, 2022

Trump-Biden feud dominating US midterm campaigns

It is widely felt that the US midterm congressional elections on Nov. 8 are not just about the election of 435 members of the House of Representatives and 35 members of the Senate, but also a replica of the presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump two years ago.

October 07, 2022