Saudi Founding Day: A time for celebration and reflection


Saudi Founding Day: A time for celebration and reflection

Saudi Founding Day: A time for celebration and reflection
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Today, a renewed sense of fervor and national pride fills the air as we mark a truly historic milestone for our great nation: Celebrating 295 glorious years since the founding of the first Saudi state by Imam Mohammed bin Saud.

My heart fills with pride as I look back at the accomplishments of this visionary leader who spearheaded a revolution in economic growth and created a solid foundation for the Kingdom’s magnificent march to modernity.

A country born three centuries ago; Saudi Arabia rose quickly to stand on par with world leading countries today. Despite conflicts across the Arabian Peninsula, the country’s astounding progress continues to invigorate the region with unity and stability.

As we commemorate our story of national origins today, we salute this spirit of resilience and look ahead as we collectively shape a new future together.

We applaud the efforts of the heroes who have dedicated their lives to making our country what it is today and renew our pledge to maintain societal and cultural harmony throughout the region. We honor the legacy of our founder in following his lead, and strive to spotlight the country’s economic mobility, diversity, and openness to the world on the global stage.

Just as Imam Mohammed bin Saud ushered in a historic phase of transformation that paved the way for the modern nation of today, we at The Red Sea Development Co. too are proud to be helping shape the next chapter of the Kingdom’s story.

Guided by the ambitious Vision 2030 framework that sets a bold blueprint for a vibrant future for this great nation, TRSDC is already a significant contributor to diversifying the Saudi economy. Through destinations like the Red Sea Project and AMAALA, we are paving the way for new industries to thrive on Saudi soil and attracting strong investment capabilities that will eventually inject SR33 billion ($8.8 billion) to the nation’s gross domestic product  each year. We are embarking on an exciting journey to spotlight the Red Sea coast as a platform for the regeneration, revival, and resurgence of the Kingdom’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

We are developing the nation’s luxury tourism sector, bringing opportunities to the people of Saudi Arabia, and opening an undiscovered destination for the world to experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of our country.

In this journey, our strongest asset is our people. Our wealth of local talent will be the custodians that help bring this vision to reality, so that they form the core of our capable and skilled nation.

TRSDC is a catalyst for human capital development and diversified growth. As a company dedicated to serving people, we are using the full force of tourism’s transformational potential to create 120,000 direct and indirect jobs. I am proud to report that we are already 1,500-employees strong, with more than 50 percent comprising Saudi nationals.

We are equally invested in enabling knowledge transfer, enhancing professional development opportunities, and developing local talent.

We offer a graduate training program that equips Saudi graduates with on-job training to work alongside our multicultural teams. Till date, we have received more than 40,000 applications and recruited 60 graduates to join us, with the next group set to join our ranks in March.

Our recent partnerships with the National eLearning Center, the Human Resources Development Fund, the University of Prince Mugrin and the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne work in parallel to ensure we are injecting the local job market with high-quality outputs that meet evolving needs and positively impact our national economy.

Following in the footsteps of our founders, our endeavors are an investment in the future of Saudi Arabia and in the future of the local tourism industry. I strongly believe that this outlook shouldn’t only be felt by TRSDC employees but by all Saudi nationals, so that we can all enjoy a sense of inclusion, responsibility, and pride as we make quantum leaps forward into a new and better world.

Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly remain a thriving, modern nation capable of succeeding scientifically, economically, and socially. Occasions like Founding Day remain imperative for us to chart our progress to the next 300 years, where a new generation of Saudi nationals will have carved a new legacy.


  • Ahmad Darwish is the chief administrative officer at the Red Sea Development Co.
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