Dr. Diana Galeeva

Dr. Diana Galeeva is a former academic visitor to St. Antony’s College, Oxford University (2019-2022). She is the author of two books: “Qatar: The Practice of Rented Power” (Routledge, 2022) and “Russia and the GCC: The Case of Tatarstan’s Paradiplomacy” (I.B. Tauris/Bloomsbury, 2023). She is also a co-editor of the collection “Post-Brexit Europe and UK: Policy Challenges Towards Iran and the GCC States” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021).

Latest published

Xi and Putin’s letters to the world: A diplomatic epistolary

In literature, the term “epistolary novel” refers to a work of fiction written in the form of letters or other documents. On the eve of the recent meeting between the leaders of China and Russia in Moscow, the heads of both states wrote articles for newspapers in each other’s countries.

March 25, 2023

How visa-free travel can open new horizons

Russia is preparing intergovernmental agreements to allow visa-free travel from 11 countries, including Gulf states Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. What new horizons might these open for both Russia and the GCC?

March 10, 2023