Light at the end of the American tunnel will shine in November

Light at the end of the American tunnel will shine in November

Light at the end of the American tunnel will shine in November
U.S. President Joe Biden. (Reuters)
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Nov. 8, 2022, is the magic date for the US, which suffers from broad divisions politically, economically and socially due to the rise of the radical left movement and its theories that are very different from the nature of American society.
With the 2022 Congressional midterm elections six months away, key decisive issues have not changed much.
The latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist national poll showed that Republican candidates have a 47 percent advantage over the Democrat’s 44 percent nationally.
“On the economy, controlling inflation, crime, national security, and gun policy, pluralities of Americans perceive the Republican Party to be the party which would be better able to handle these issues. Americans express these views as President Joe Biden’s job approval rating remains upside down. His ratings on the economy and the crisis in Ukraine take on water,” the poll read.
The poll found that three times as many independents believe that Republicans would better control inflation than Democrats. These numbers should concern the Democrats since 34 Senate seats, and all 435 House seats, are up for grabs.
Commenting on the poll, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, Lee M. Miringoff, said that the road to the midterms has the Republican Party in the driver’s seat.
Traditionally, the president’s party loses seats in the midterms, and it seems that President Joe Biden will not be the exception in November. Back in 2018, Republicans lost 41 seats to the Democrats under former President Donald Trump, while in 2014, Democrats led by former President Barack Obama lost 63 seats in the House of Representatives.
Just as many predicted that the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan would not be a factor in the elections, the war in Ukraine will not help Biden and his party either.
The American memory is short, and their preoccupation with essential issues that affect their daily lives directly removes Ukraine from the voters’ list of critical problems.
The last four monthly Gallup polls showed that the country’s most critical problems are inflation at 17 percent, the economy in general at 11 percent, and fuel/oil prices at 4 percent. Even though the left blames the Russian invasion for inflation and high prices, the economic troubles had begun a long time before, and the Biden administration’s stimulus package has further worsened the financial situation.
Neither Democrats nor Biden’s leadership in the economy can be trusted. A bad economy leads to insufficient security.
According to a report published by the Council on Criminal Justice, homicides in 2020 were up 44 percent from 2019, and that number rose by 5 percent in 2020. The drastic increase in violent crimes in 2021 is an important issue that worries liberals since most of the high crime rate cities are governed by Democrats. However, the same topic will be used by the left to push for gun control laws in the country.
Yet, security and crime experts stress that the vast majority of weapons used in street violence are illegally obtained. Therefore, implementing more gun restrictions would not lower the crime rate.
Abortion is likely to be an issue to motivate the Democratic grassroots, which explains the leak of a Supreme Court decision to put restrictions on abortion in the US. As much as this issue is vital to the far left, a Pew research poll indicated that 56 percent of those who generally support abortion rights — by saying it should be legal in “most” or “all” cases — also say the timing of abortion (i.e., how far along the pregnancy is) should be a factor in determining its legality.

On the road to the midterms, the Republican Party is in the driver’s seat.

Dalia Al-Aqidi

Even the pro-progressive US news network CNN admitted that the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on abortion had not shaken the midterm landscape.
Biden’s campaign promise to unify the country has proved to be empty. On the contrary, he could not mend the division in his own party.
All signs indicate a problematic midterm election for Biden and his party, which is good news for US foreign policy.
Regaining control over the Senate and the House, the Republicans will end the disasters caused by Biden’s foreign policy, starting with the desperation to return to the Iranian nuclear agreement and ending with his failure in dealing with the Chinese challenge.
Perhaps Congress will finally decide to look into the case of Hunter Biden and investigate the president’s ties to his son’s international deals. The 2022 midterm Congressional elections will be the light at the end of the tunnel for America to defeat the socialist agenda carried by the far left.

  • Dalia Al-Aqidi is a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy. Twitter: @DaliaAlAqidi
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